November 7th, 2006


Urgh ...

I don't think that I can adequately express how greatly I don't want to attend this morning's PTA meeting.

I told them three weeks ago, that I was not going to be available for quite a while, and in the meantime all this crap (for the "Entertainment Books" fundraiser that I was spearheading) has been building up ... I think they're expecting me to have that all tied up in a fucking bow this morning, and I just got around to opening up the past three weeks of e-mails about it last night.

(sigh) Really ... one bitch there starts giving me shit and I'm resigning on the spot. I busted my ass on this project for a month, and I'm done with it.

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OK, so I voted ...

Not that it will do much good.

It's really frustrating being in a district that sends the likes of Danny Davis to Congress (not to mention a state where a treasonous scumbag like Dick Durbin can be a Senator). I just hope there's enough movement downstate to flip the Governor again ... that's the only race I see any hope of winning.

What really pissed me off were the referendums on the ballot ... there was some asinine thng about banning assault weapons (like they're on sale at Walgreens or something) which started out "For the sake of the children ...", then there was some knee-jerk Lefty crap about pulling out of Iraq, and some minimum wage posturing ... who the hell is writing these, the Socialist Workers Party? Hey, that might not be too far off the mark, because the fucking Green Party had candidates running for all major offices. Un-fucking-believable. Who the hell is funding them? There's got to be some deep pockets behind them somewhere, because I know how hard it was to field any Libertarian candidates (and there were none on the ballot this time, although one guy was making a big write-in push for Governor ... like that does anything useful).

I think our only hope as a nation is to have a Military Coup d'État following the next Democratic presidential win ... suspend the Constitution for five years or so, and "clean out the stables".

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strange ballot ...

The ballots this year were pretty freaky ... the were like 11x17" cardstock, printed both sides, with these funky little arrows that one was supposed to complete with a special high-carbon (or something) pen.

While I guess that filling in the wrong arrow is less likely to happen than some other systems (ala the "butterfly ballot" for punch-cards), this was a major pain in the ass because the little voting booth-ettes are still the same size and style that was used for the punch cards, and this poster that they handed us just plain didn't fit!

They were saying that if you used the "special pen" all you'd need to do was a simple line connecting the arrow's back and front, but being the obsessive-compulsive guy I am, I had to fill in nice thick black lines the same size as the arrow on the page.

I wonder how many people will bitch about the size of the card, though ... I'm a big guy and I found it unweildy, I can only imagine what "a little old lady" 1/3rd my size would have to do to deal with it in those voting booths!

What was really a pain in the ass was the second side with a bazillion "judicial retentions" to vote on. Of course, I always go through an vote "no" just on Discordian principle to all of these, figuring that if the judges aren't dickheads they'll be getting plenty of "yes" votes, but I want to help throw out the asswipes ... but that was a hell of a lot of scribbling.

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The ONLY good news ...

From where I'm sitting, the only good news from this nightmare mindfuck of an election is Joe Lieberman's re-taking his Senate seat after having been given the bum's rush by the ultra-Left "leadership" of the damnable Democratic party.

I keep thinking that he has to know enough dirt on those scumbags that he can leverage that into a LOT of political revenge.

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