November 18th, 2006


Bought myself a new domain today ...

It's not "live" yet, but I got tired of having to point folks to my "review" L.J. ( just so they'd find the right link to go look at my library over on LibraryThing the way I want people to see it (which is the rather ungainly:, so I went and grabbed, which I will be pointing towards that URL as soon as it clears. Aren't you excited to hear the news? Sure. That's what I thought.

OK, as of 9:30am this morning is up and running! Like you care.

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I do so LOVE getting Amazon gift certificates ...

My Father-in-law sent me an Amazon gift certificate via e-mail for my birthday (two months back), and I finally got around to "redeeming" it this week. Tonight I was poking around over there and treated myself to six "like new" books from the new/used vendors and only ended up spending about $30 of it. I get such a charge out of picking up a book that I had thought about reading for under five bucks including shipping ... heck, I just got a copy of Bernie Goldberg's book Bias for $3.50 ... 1¢ for the "like new" book, with $3.49 for shipping. Gotta love a deal!

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Busy, busy, busy ...

Daughter #1 turns 11 in two weeks, and we're only now working out the details of her party. We didn't want to throw a lot of money at it (but as it ends up, we probably will be), and initially she was just going to have 3 of her friends come for a sleep-over. Well, we've added a small party at American Girl Place for them (and The Wife), while I take Daughter #2 up to Chuck E Cheese to get her out of the way. She will be included on Sunday, though when #1 and another of her friends go back to A.G.P. to have their dolls' hair "done" at the "salon" and to see the stage show. Oddly enough, I did all the "legwork" on setting this up, although I suspect (hope) The Wife will be the accompanying parent on both of those expeditions! We still haven't triangulated what we're going to be doing on her actual birthday (Saturday), but I guess most of it will be trying to put the place back together after the sleep-over, opening up her prizes, and going out to eat or something.

#1 came up with a list of what she hoped to get for her birthday, with the top item being that Robosapien V2 robot thing ... I told her that was highly unlikely to happen, as it costs two hundred bucks! However, some of the other stuff (like ice skates for her A.G. doll ... under $10) is more doable. I kept thinking it would be so cool, however, if they had bought Pete Shelley's tune Homosapien to promote the Robosapien ... lines like "And I'm Homosapien like you" could easily be turned into "it's the Robosapien V2" ... but I'm guessing the song was just too damned gay for pushing a toy!

I'm wondering how the Chuck E Cheese side-trip is going to go. I actually like going up there with both of The Girls as they will disappear with the tokens and I can sit and read (yes, the chaos up there is just intense enough that it, effectively, become "white noise" and I find it easy to dive into a book). However, I suspect that #2 will be wanting me to play the games with her (she is, after all, still only 6), so I might end up as exhausted as we're hoping she'll be by the time we get back!

We have a whole week with the little darlings coming up ... their school is "emancipated" from the Chicago Public School system and is able to tweak their calendar, which they did to create a full week off for Thanksgiving. While this certainly has its good points (for those who are going out of town, especially), it means that we're looking at Big Time Chaos around here! Hopefully we'll survive (sort of like Iggy Pop's line "Gonna have some Fun Time, might get killed").

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OK, so I was casting about for a topic for my next Toastmasters speech and somehow the 1959 book You Will Go To The Moon popped into my head. I had a copy of this when I was a wee lad, and it (as it did thousands of other kids my age) scarred me for life with the promises of the wonders we would see out in space. To the budding reader in the early 60's, this book was a covenant that Kennedy-era Science was making with us ... that as we grew up, we'd be part of an amazing expansion out to the moon, and beyond. As the years rolled by, it became clear that the promises made here were hollow at best, cynical at worst, and perhaps (through the filter of nearly a half century) merely delusional.

Where was my moon house? When do I get to take that vacation to Mars? What happened to that groovy space suit I was going to get to wear? To this day, the thought of this book leaves a strange bitter-sweet taste in my mouth, the lingering traces of dreams decayed. And don't get me started on The Jetsons!

Anyway, I figured I'd do a speech about how we fucked up the visions of the 50's and 60's based on this book ... but I wanted to be able to use quotes and/or pictures from it to "anchor" my talk. My copy had long since disappeared (it is possible that it still exists in my Brother's basement out east, as they took all the stuff that my Mom had in storage at one point), and so I went to see if there might be a site where somebody had scanned this in. Well, there were some sites with bits and pieces, but while poking around I found a copy on eBay for a very cheap "buy it now" and ordered it! I will now be able to walk my victims the audience through my lingering anguish with point-by-point accuracy. I can only hope that it will be provide a certain degree of catharsis for those long-suffered wounds!

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