November 27th, 2006


Bleh, continued ...

Well, the good thing about tonight is that the weather is so good ... even now (about 4:30am) my "DeskTop Weather" thing says it's 56° out there ... and it was a perfect night for waiting for busses outdoors (and considering they're forecasting snow for later this week, it's nice to be able to actually be out enjoying the unseasonable temps). As anticipated, I didn't make squat tip-wise ... we're allowed to take tips, but aren't allowed to have a tip glass to encourage tipping, so it's completely up to the attitude of the function attendee ... over the course of the night I only made $11.00 and I was churning out the drinks.

On the plus side, I think the head bartender guy there likes me ... I was there early and wasn't just "standing around", but helping prep the bars and schlepp all the stuff up to the function area ... even right up to the time things were going to start there were only 6 out of 10 of the scheduled bartenders on hand. Because I'd been there and helping out, he switched me from the cocktail-hour bars and up to the main function bars, meaning that I got to work all evening (he was planning on sending a lot of the others home after cocktails). I also worked all through break-down, and he was asking me "those other bartenders from the same place???". Hopefully (although this is not the most lucrative of gigs, compared to an out-right tipping situation) he'll be specifically requesting me in the future ... the temp group seems to do a lot of gigs down there, and it's at least bringing in some money!

I wish I could get a good solid night of sleep, but I'm up with all these funky aches and pains, so I figured I'd get back on the computer for an hour or so. I was thinking maybe I'd see if the game taped OK, but since I see that my Bears lost, I might not want to watch it.

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Bleh, part 3 ...

OK, so I don't know if I'm going to watch the tape of the game ... I saw all the "highlights" last night on SportsNet, so I got the gist of the game ... frankly, all three of Grossman's interceptions looked like they could have just as easily been caught by our receivers, but their DB did a hell of a job and probably had closer coverage than Grossman should have been throwing into. Would have been nice if they'd have found a way to win this one. Too bad, too, about Gould's perfect streak being broken, but a block's not a "miss" so he's still not "missed" a kick all year!

  PATRIOTS          17  
  BEARS                13  

As I noted a couple of days ago, the rest of the schedule is against sub-500 teams ... the 5-6 Vikings here, the 5-6 Rams on the road, the 3-8 Buccaneers here, the 2-9 Lions on the road, and the 4-6 Packers (likely to be 4-7 after tonight) here ... so we still might be looking at a 14-2 record for the year!

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A great deal ... today only!

Well, we scored big today. The Girls have been wanting "portable music" devices ... especially the 6-year-old. Needless to say, we have not been inclined to throw a major technology investment to an unpromising fate at their tender mercies. So I'd been looking for some alternative. I'd seen this over at Tiger Direct a while back at $29.95 and thought it was a good deal, but TODAY they have double rebates on this, knocking the "post-rebate price" down to a measly $9.95!

Now, I generally hate rebate deals, but we'll make sure to cash in these as soon as possible. This is an amazing little unit ... it's a 1gig flash drive, an MP3 player, and a voice recorder! $9.95 would be a great price to pay for any one of those functions, but to have them all together in a little unit is so cool!

Anyway, we've ordered one for each of The Girls (had to have the tutoring biz order one, because the rebate folks T.D. uses are very picky about what constitutes "one customer" in the "one per customer" fine print), and I thought I'd pass along the info for anybody else out there who was in the market for a groovy toy for Holiday giving or getting.

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