December 31st, 2006


well ...

I'm sure that everybody will be relieved (now that posting has seemingly ground to a screeching halt) to hear that I've caught up on all the posts on my Friends List from while I was gone and the inevitable "count creep" while I was reading the other 300-some posts in the backlog.

You may now resume amusing me.

Really ... do be witty and interesting and stuff ... you don't want me to go off and watch random football games, do you?

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Is it just me ...

Or are L.J.'s user pics broken today?

I've posted a bunch of comments (supposedly) with a number of different selected-for-theme user pics, but what's been showing up has just been my default pic.

Anybody else notice this, or is the universe just taking another crap on me?

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Can it REALLY be New Years Eve?

I mean, my Desktop Weather thing is telling me that it's 57° out there. Heck, you'd count yourself lucky if it was that balmy for Opening Day at Wrigley Field in April (notorious for being about 41° with a rain/snow mix)! This feels more like, well, with the rain and humidity, mid-May or something. Amazing (not so amazing, mind you, that I'm going to start thinking that Al Gore is anything less than a dangerous nutjob, but still) ... not that I was hoping for the entirely possible single-digit-temps with gale-force winds (aka "The Hawk"), but one sort of psychologiallly expects that one is going to be uncomfortably cold if out and about on New Years!

We're off for the ZOOLIGHTS thing up at the Lincoln Park Zoo tonight, an outing which has become something of a New Years' tradition for us over the past several years. I seem to recall that it was reasonably pleasant out there last year, but way cold the year before. What's nice about that (aside from being free but for the inevitable treats/rides) is that it's over by 9pm, which works to The Girls' (and, frankly, The Wife's) bedtime scheduling. What's not nice about it (this year, at least) is that the Bears/Packers game starts right in the middle of that. Oh, well ... I guess I'll tape the game and have some idea of whether or not I want to watch.

It is going to be insane down on the lakefront tonight, though ... they have fireworks at Navy Pier at 7pm (just before the 7:15pm kick-off of the Bears game), then the 60,000 or so folks will be leaving the stadium somewhere around 11pm, no doubt sticking around for the dual fireworks displays (synched to the same music, but about a mile apart), the official City one down in Grant Park and the midnight reprise of the Navy Pier show. We were at one point thinking of trying to get The Girls down to Navy Pier for the 7pm show, but figured it would be better to just go do the Zoo.

I guess we'll know by game-time whether the Packers still have a chance at a playoff spot (with the Giants winning yesterday, they were down to having to have a list of about six other games go a particular way for them to get in via assorted tie-breakers if they beat The Bears). There isn't all that much riding on this game otherwise, aside from the fact that if The Bears win, they'll only be the fourth team since the NFL/AFL merger to sweep their conference (two of the other three being the '72 Dolphins with their perfect season, and the '85 Bears who only lost to the Dolphins). Of course "beat the Packers" was the #1 item on Lovie Smith's to-do list when he was introduced as coach, so there is that factor in play too.

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