BTRIPP (btripp) wrote,

A DOZEN NEW POEMS! - #9 of 12

I think I'm going to really miss this Web Design class when I end up having to bail on it ... it's a lot of fun. It's going to be quite a transition, going from Flash/Dreamweaver into the deepest bowels of Java ... but that's what's going to be happening the first week in November. At least I'm keeping up that 4.0 average and making good impressions on a wide range of instructors (who should have "personal spheres of influence" useful to my eventuall job search!). Of course, being "back in school" is such a drug to me ... hell, if I won the Lotto, I might just go endlessly for new degrees!

                    BLOOMING OUT OF LIFE

                    the voices haunting
                    are so often the same,
                    we can not escape
                    their traces through us,
                    nor can we place
                    them in a context
                    which is of us
                    or in this line
                    we lose the reins
                    and watch in horror
                    as the beasts run wild,
                    tearing through a landscape
                    all shattered and sharp;
                    jolt after jolt
                    threatens our demise
                    hard upon the stone
                    patterns can't maintain
                    their painted surface,
                    deeper currents pull,
                    and the winds of storms
                    raise a chopping flow;
                    we tack against these
                    unable to find a shore
                    or harbor from the blast
                    too late does realization
                    arise to illuminate;,
                    we are shocked
                    by this blindness,
                    unsettled by shades
                    we did not suspect
                    were cloaking truths
                    before our very eyes
                    strange insensitivities
                    have crept within,
                    what was once broken
                    appears now to be dead,
                    what had been damaged
                    now festers with decay;
                    we are dying from inside,
                    blooming out of life

                             - Brendan Tripp

                    Copyright © 2002 by Brendan Tripp

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