January 27th, 2007


Watch "Heroes"?

Did you notice the URL on the card that Mr. Bennet gave to Mohinder Suresh? http://www.primatechpaper.com/ ... what's more fun is to go to http://www.primatechpaper.org/ and "log in" (I just made up a random UN/PW combo). Lots of freaky stuff, fake blogs, etc. What's really got me scratching my head is that if you go to http://www.primatechpaper.info/ you seem to be at some Swedish gal's (Xanidra) site, with no apparant link to anything from Heroes except that she works at a "Warehouse with a lot of heavy lifts. Also into some sideprojects" which could be a description of Primatech. Why would anybody grab the .info version of the URL (.net and .us are "parked") to put their personal site? Freaky shit.

By the way, they're trying to get folks to print out a logo and send it in to NBC news. Hey, cheap thrills ...

Oh, and the "code" for getting in to the Careers area appears to be MT36.

Bored? Moi?

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Another deep funk ...

Been in an "off state" all day. Stuff happening. Daughter #1 had a 3-hour test this morning (the third year in a row she'd been invited to this "bright kid tracking" deal), then we were off for a going away party for The Girls' main martial arts instructor. Alex had been teaching them (well, #1 at least) for over seven years at this point, which is pretty much "all their lives" (heck, it's 1/7th of my life) so having him not around is going to be a big change. He's heading out to L.A. to be an actor ... so it was more like a "bon voyage" party, but still ... big change. I could use some big (good) changes too. Unfortunately, I don't have any plans or much of any hope (aside from the twice weekly hope of winning the MegaMillions ... and it's pretty depressing to think that those are the best odds I can come up with for emotional support).

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