February 24th, 2007


hmmm ...

I must have "seriously misjudged the market" on Canon i350 Color Bubble Jet Printers ... not only did that one I was watching go for $72.07 (plus $13.00 shipping), but there's another one up on eBay (closing in six hours) which is already at $63.00 (plus $16.00 shipping). I'm amazed that nobody's complained about those shipping rates, as the i350 weighs nothing, I'm guessing that in its box, with manuals, in a shipping box with peanuts, it might weigh 5lbs. Of course, I long ago swore off shipping by UPS, and I'm suspecting that most of these vendors use the UPS rates (which are, typically, for a non-corporate client, insane). It's even more ridiculous for those print-heads. I'm guessing that the print-head, in its box, in a shipping box might weigh a half pound, yet one guy is quoting a $6.00 rate and the other is asking $9.00 (for something that would cost $2.07 to go by First Class.

Maybe this is one of the reasons that I've never been able to get myself geared up for selling stuff on eBay ... I just don't feel right reaming people for shipping and stuff.

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