April 13th, 2007



OK, I was bummed out there for a while. I thought that eBay had changed the way they tracked bidders, making everybody essentially anonymous. Now, I've not gone "Pokemon shopping" on eBay for a while, but a key part of my strategy was researching opposing bidders' bid histories on stuff they'd won, so I'd know what to expect coming up in the auction on which I was bidding.

What had me worried is the system in evidence for edthepagan's auction of the WitchSchool.com site/school/program/etc. ... all the bidder names were gone, replaced by "Bidder ##" ... and I was afraid that this was a system-wide change! As it turns out, this is something that eBay has put in place only for high-ticket items (and this should go for over $100,000.00 if there's any justice in the world), to cut down fraud (they specify the problem of fake "second chance offers" for large sums which seem to have been an issue in the past).

I was relieved just now when I followed a link off to an eBay auction and found the usual list of user names on the "bid history" page. Whew!

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