April 28th, 2007


Saturday morning ...

Most weekends (depending on birthday parties, etc.), we're on a fairly set schedule ... currently I need to get The Girls out the door by 11am to get up to Dojo for #1's class at noon, so somewhere around 9am we launch into the weekly clean-up of the guinea pig cage. Now, these two critters have rather a deluxe set-up, 4-5' long and 2-3' wide, with all the recommended "stuff", including wood chip bedding which needs to get replaced fairly frequently. While being a bit of a pain in the butt, we have it down to pretty much a half-hour of intense activity.

One of the things I've snuck in during the clean-up time is "Musical Education Hour", when I get to pick the CD that's playing while were scooping critter poop. Over the months, I've successfully introduced the B-52s, Nirvana, Urge Overkill, and several others (though less successfully Type O Negative and Sisters of Mercy), which The Girls now will pop into the stereo on their own. Today's lesson went over quite well ... Duran Duran ... with them recognizing at least "Hungry Like The Wolf" from one of the Shrek movies. The disk in question was "Decade", their greatest hits album, so it was easy for me to irritate everybody by singing along!

Daughter #2 was trying to extract (just on sight) the Rolling Stones' "It's Only Rock 'N Roll" from the big CD cabinet (which currently needs to have some stuff moved to actually open it), so maybe we may do some of that next week ... although I've been meaning to get a copy of "Hot Rocks: 1964-1971" to add to their collection as an introduction to the Stones!

Heh ... I suspect that I have some of the very few 11 and 7 year olds who can sing Sister Havana ... even if they don't know who that Castro guy is.

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Dollar store ...

Wow ... now, I've bitched about the big "dollar store" up by Dojo going to a model where they have a lot of stuff for a dollar, but also have some more expensive stuff (the highest ticket item I think I've seen was $20), but we got a "win" up there today! They just got in some Fantastic 4 Electronic Clobberin' Time Thing toys for just five bucks ... which you can see are going for $35.99 on Amazon! I guess these are being "cleared out" (places like Walmart had these on clearance on their sites but are all sold out) in preparation for a new set of F4 toys coming out this summer, but The Girls were thrilled to get The Thing with two different punches, 10 phrases, and changing facial expressions. I took a peek, and there are already a bunch of these on eBay ... not surprising (assuming that all the Deals stores got in some of these).

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