May 9th, 2007


I know you were breathlessly waiting for the news ...

Well, for the first time in like ever I was able to complete a Jay & Marie eBay music shopping expedition in a single "go" (although it was front-to-back slightly over 24 hours). Usually, I end up with around 10 CDs and then spend 2-3 days trying to add another couple, which keep getting sniped by other bidders. This time I "aimed high" and ended up "winning" 15 CDs ... against 13 "losses" ... the sweet thing being that I got all of those at a penny a piece, so my "product total" came to a whopping 15¢ (the 13 that I was outbid on went for a total of $22.71)! I did, of course, end up with some substantial shipping, but that came to $17.45, so the "delivered cost" for my 15 new CDs was a very budget-friendly $17.60 or just a smidge over $1.17 each.

I figured you were just dying to know.

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