May 29th, 2007



So, there I was, reading all that back-log of FL stuff ... and I nod off at the keyboard. When I awake, what do I find? A DEAD COMPUTER!

Dead ... kaput ... non-functional. Damn.

I tired everything that seemed plausible, but was unable to coax it back to life. I suppose that the very deadness of it was useful, as it suggests to me that the problem is in the power supply. After all, were that working, the on button would light up when pushed and other stuff would at least make a gesture at trying to function before failing, but I get nothing from trying to turn the system on, so my guess is that the 200w power supply that this thing shipped with has given up the ghost.

I'm currently updating from down at the CTC (where I had a 9am "peer group" session), and will run up from here to Circuit City which has some 350w units in stock.

What's really bad with this situation is that when MY computer's down, our whole wireless network at home goes down ... I'm not sure why (the wireless signal is OK, just the internet connection is screwed), but I'm under a lot of pressure to get this fixed NOW since The Wife can't do her e-mail, Daughter #1 can't do parts of her homework, etc., etc., etc. Makes me crazy!

Of course, if it is a toasted power supply, that might have been what was causing me problems with Second Life, so if I fix this, I may end up fixing that as well. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

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Bad day ...

OK, so I am now caught up on reading my friends list, via Daughter #1's computer.

My computer, however, appears to have a toasted motherboard.

I am trying an eBay solution (suggested to me by the guy at the repair place who kindly did not charge me a bench fee for telling me that he was 75-80% sure my motherboard was the problem), which if it does not come through (or work ... the unit in question is being sold "as is" with no HD, but I've had no response on if the system is otherwise functional), leaves me off PC shopping.

This, of course, is putting a huge crimp in my "getting my job search stuff done" as I have all my files on the HD of the dead computer.

I knew I should have backed that up last week onto the portable HD that I'd bought a couple of weeks back. Bad Brendan! Stupid Brendan!

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