June 3rd, 2007


Just in case anybody was wondering ...

I'm still exiled from my files. And from my main e-mail.

Fortunately, I've had all my "job search" stuff pointing to AOL, so I can check that without major efforts. I had really hoped that the half-functional computer that I'd won on eBay would have been here this weekend so that I could "Frankenstein" my system and that together into one working machine, but I still am waiting.

If anybody has made any particularly pithy or witty or brilliant comments to comments I've made elsewhere, I'm not ignoring you, I just am unlikely to have seen those, as they come in to my main e-mail. I do check to see if there have been any new comments added to my recent posts, however.

I guess The Girls should be happy that I've been exiled from my office and variously working on their computers, as I've ended up doing a lot of streamlining and upgrading on their systems to make it reasonably comfortable for me to get stuff done in their rooms (aside from the "mini chair" issues).

Here's hoping that the "new" old computer will get here soon and the bits that work on my system will be a perfect match for the bits that are either missing or non-functional on that one! Heck, I might even be back on SecondLife again.

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