June 23rd, 2007


memo to regular readers:

OK, so I fell asleep before finishing up editing the "placeholder' post that I put up last night (so that my movie review from yesterday would end up posted yesterday), and didn't get that up till this morning. If you're afraid you missed something of great import or scintillating wit, please do go check it out, as I assume that if it ended up passing through to your FL already you missed the actual post ... which is here: http://btripp.livejournal.com/764848.html

Needless to say, this time-delay experiment did not play out the way I had hoped it might.

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More big fun ...

So, today was pretty usual for a Saturday, get up, clean the guinea pigs' cage, take The Girls to Dojo, come home. But then we got ourselves together and headed down to Milennium Park for the Grant Park Music Festival down at the Pritzker Pavillion. The Girls weren't too into listening to the symphony, so we cut out at intermission and let them play for a bit before grabbing some dinner.

I managed, between Dojo and the symphony, to get another book read today, but I'm a bit behind on my reviews. I still need to get The Wife's birthday stuff wrapped tonight, so I might not be getting to writing ... I know how you're just pining for some new review, though!

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