July 20th, 2007


Whew ...

I have been spending the early mornings of the past week working on a bathroom floor. The Wife has very much wanted to upgrade the main bathroom, so as part of her birthday presents she got a big box full of ceramic tile, adhesive, grout, etc. with a note saying "some assembly required"!

I had to tear up the old tile (not as easy as I had hoped), try to remove the old adhesive (over 30 years old, and ossified), opt for a "leveler" coat (once I figured the old adhesive wasn't going anywhere), install the full tiles, eventually connect with a "lever" tile cutter (after having shattered a couple of tiles with the hand-held model) and cut and install the partial tiles, and finally this morning, grout. While I'm not "done" done, all that remains is a bit of clean-up, a few days of mopping (to let the grout cure gradually), and then applying grout sealant. However, at this point, it's pretty much taken care of. Whew!

I'll shoot a picture eventually ...

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Signed up for the Second Life convention ...

OK, so, as noted here a few posts back, the Second Life Community Convention is coming to Chicago next month ... I'd been back and forth about going (not being a "con" kind of guy), but being that I've been talking folks' ears off about this (and the whole new push the MacArthur Foundation is funding for getting non-profits involved in SL), I figured I should at least go and attend the seminars and presentations dealing with stuff that I can use in RL!

I've been a bit snarky about their info flow as well, so I offered to volunteer in the weeks heading up to it (wearing my "Former CMP" - Certified Meeting Professional - hat). Perhaps I can help them have the web site not be quite the jumble of disassociated message boards that it is and encourage the development of actual SCHEDULES that will show what's on which track, when and where!

I guess I'll be blithering more about this as stuff comes up!

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