January 5th, 2008


I have a new blog at work ...

One of our "corporate new year's resolutions" at Simuality was that we'd all start up blogs (which are linked out to from the "about us" page on the web site). Since I've been doing this for nearly 8 years, it was a no-brainer for me to "pull the trigger" on getting going with that, although the rest of the group is lagging behind (heck, we're all supposed to be "in world" while at our desks, and I'm pretty much the only one doing that too).

Anyway, if you want to check out my "in-world antics" (which, frankly, are likely to be drawing off some of the verbiage that used to be expended here) the new blog is called "Eschatos In-World" and can be found here: http://eschatosgraves.blogspot.com/

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More stuff re: that other journal ...

OK, so ... it seems like I'm less that enthused about writing in here about stuff that I do in Second Life ... I guess that's the disconnect between BTRIPP and Eschatos!

Anyway, I just got done posting a blog entry over in "Eschatos In-World ..." about some stuff I did there today (read the blog post HERE), but I wanted to pass along a bit of that to y'all on the L.J. side:

One of the things that I did over there was going to the opening of Kiva.org's new space in the Non-Profit Commons. This is a very cool "microfinance" organization that lets folks make loans of as little as $25 to folks trying to start or expand small businesses in the third world. The whole concept is pretty cool, and it's an amazing use for the awesome reach of the Internet. Do go over and check them out!

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