February 9th, 2008


So, you're wondering, "Where's Brendan???"

Things have been busy, busy, busy at work, and I have been pretty much heading off at 7:30am in the morning and dragging home 12-14 hours later and collapsing ... rinse and repeat as needed. Indeed, today, a Saturday found me back up in Evanston at 9am, trying to bash together programs to allow me to edit a bit of machinima that was shot in Club Mannequin (in Second Life) with another bit that I shot (and narrated) outside the club. After finally going and getting a pack of a/v codecs and rebooting the computer a couple of times (hey, BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH!, hadn't seen that since Windows95!), I managed to get the various bits to play nice with each other and produce this clip, which is a core chunk of a PowerPoint presentation that various folks from our office and our "urban wear" clients will be running assorted fashion industry folks through at the MAGIC retail clothing convention in Las Vegas next week.

My boss was very, very happy with the results and insisted that I go set up a YouTube account for Simuality to foist this (and future bits of video propaganda) on the world at large. Which means that I did good. Of course, the "obsessive compulsive" in me doesn't like the "screen cap" elements of the intro part (we've not been able to coax our present systems into dropping just down to the "screen content" for recording), and I'd have been a lot happier with a joystick control instead of a regular (non-wheel, even) mouse for the initial zoom, but for what I was working with (and given that I have not attempted any movie-making since being in Northwestern's Radio/TV/Film program some 32 years ago), this turned out OK.

Don't blame me for the hip-hop video ... I just edited it into the other stuff ... but it is funny to hear all the brand "name checking" in there!

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