March 6th, 2008


Not bad for first thing in the morning ...

A morning meme snagged from jeffsworld ...

Frankly, I would have done better, but I got down to the last few states (I went west-to-east) and it was kind of hard to tell which ones I hadn't gotten at that point (hey, Rhode Island and Delaware are easy to miss!) so I had to spend some time squinting at the map. Beware, though ... the counter starts as soon as you load the page, and it's not at all forgiving about typos (I was one "i" short in Louisiana which cost me about 5 seconds to correct)!

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Now you can ...

OK, after much bashing of my head against the virtual walls of LiveJournal, I found that what I had initially wanted to do (to pipe in an Atom feed of my blogspot blog into my pre-existing eschatosgraves journal) does not seem to be a possibility.

So, I went and started a new syndicated account: eschatos_graves

Go ahead and friend that if you want to keep up with my on-going adventures as the Minister of Propaganda for Simuality in Second Life!

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