March 25th, 2008


urgh ...

So. Tired.

This was my second 12-hour+ work day this week ... I actually got into the office (way up in Evanston) at 7:40am ... and didn't leave until after 8pm. Frankly, if it wasn't for having to get a FedEx package (that the shits didn't bother to pick up) off to a Kinko's before 9pm, I might very well have been up there until 10 or later.

We are very backed up on last-minute stuff for the Conference in NYC next week. I think we're going to get it knocked down (I got six of my 10 writing projects into "approval/edit" hands today, and am waiting on data for 3 of the others), but there is a TON of work yet to be done. I did get widely praised for 3 brief, but well-crafted paragraphs of promotional prose today ... my Boss said that he wanted to sign up for it and he wasn't even in that business! I love it when folks think I'm brilliant.

Sleeeeeep ... neeed sleeeeep ...

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