March 26th, 2008


What a fucking nightmare ...

Yes. It is quite arguably my fault. I signed off on four separate order confirmations which now that it has been brought to my attention had the WRONG shipping/billing address. However, these were forms intended to make sure the printing was how we wanted it (four different imprinted items for the conference next week), and I just assumed that they had the right address ... I mean, why wouldn't they? Obviously I was looking at the forms as "Company name ... right ... familiar address ... right ..." with never reaching the conscious point of "Hey, wait ... why is that a Chicago address and not an Evanston address?!".

It turns out that the sales rep at National Pen had, instead of using my NEW INFORMATION, which I had given her several times, just pulled up my OLD info from previous orders that I'd done for my Wife's tutoring business. So, now, instead of PALETTES of boxes showing up at our offices up in Evanston, they're showing up at UPS Store down in my neighborhood! Of course I have no way to get these to where they need to go ... being as I don't have a car and take 2 subways and a bus to get to work (I'm guessing I'd have to do about 15 round-trips, at 2.5 hours per, to get the damn things up there on the el).

Now, we discovered the SNAFU on Monday (after a large box of pens ended up at the wrong place last week), and I was assured by our sales rep that the "re-route" had processed just fine and that the rest of the delivery would end up going where it was supposed to. WRONG. Tonight I get home (at 10pm, as has been my usual of late, following a 12-15 hour day) to find a call on the machine telling me that the whole damn UPS Store is full of cases of mugs.

I am on that fulcrum point between wanting to rip several people's larynxes out and piss down their throats, and just throwing myself in front of a fucking truck.

Not. Happy.

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