April 17th, 2008


An odd day ...

Today was "report card pick-up day" at The Girls' school, so they were off. I ended up taking them up to work with me (which is, fortunately, a "kid friendly" environment ... despite us being all topsy-turvy with having an NBC reporter and camera crew there for four hours working on a story on us).

It was sort of dry-run for how things might work this summer ... I've proposed that we do a "virtual worlds camp" that will unleash our assorted spawn (there are about a dozen kids from ages 3-15 between us) on the mass of "kids' virtual worlds" out there (currently over 60, with another 50 or so in development) ... letting them play on these all day and then de-briefing them at least once a week so we know what's what on that end of the industry.

In the meanwhile, The Wife was able to swing over to their school on the way back from her new job and get their report cards ... which were both excellent ... with both of 'em getting the Principal's Scholar award (the highest ranking prize they have). Now, Daughter #1 has quite a string of P.S. awards, but we're thrilled to see #2 (who, while dangerously smart, is not the "natural student" that her sister is) racking up the same levels of academic achievement. Yay!

Plus I got all sorts of compliments about how mature and well behaved they were up at work. Proud Pappa mode on, for sure!

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