April 19th, 2008


Gee, who'dathunk?

Me, neurotic and disagreeable? Mais non!

A quiz snagged from cierrablue's journal ...

My Personality
Openness to Experience
You often resist any cravings or urges that you have, but sometimes you give in, however you feel enraged when things do not go your way. You are sensitive about being treated fairly and feel resentful and bitter if you think you are being cheated. You are not prone to spells of energetic high spirits. You tend not to express your emotions openly and are sometimes not even aware of your own feelings. You feel superior to those around you and sometimes tend to be seen as arrogant by other people, however you generally see others as selfish, devious, and sometimes potentially dangerous. You strive hard to achieve excellence. Your drive to be recognized as successful keeps you on track toward your lofty goals. You often have a strong sense of direction in life, but may sometimes be too single-minded and obsessed with your work.

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Gee ... I "see others as selfish, devious, and sometimes potentially dangerous"? Have these guys been reading my blog or something?

heh ...

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