May 18th, 2008


Wow ...

I've had this sitting around for a while (I probably picked it up about the same time I got the Dick Morris books on the Clintons), but just got into reading it last week. This is, of course, the one that made Ann Coulter famous ... before it she was just a lawyer (formerly with the Senate Judiciary Committee and the 8th Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals) and the "legal affairs correspondent" for Human Affairs magazine. After it, of course, she became the Wicked Witch of the Right to all those addled soccer moms and their evil Leftist spinmeisters, and something of a Culture Hero to those of us who felt government should have more to do with Barry Goldwater than Fidel Castro.

However, Ann got it into her head, while Clinton was still in office to take a long, hard look at his administration and the concept of impeachment. In High Crimes and Misdemeanors: The Case Against Bill Clinton she goes down the list of Clinton horrors, from the Paula Jones case (Monica Lewinsky would have never made it into the press had Clinton settled out of court with Ms. Jones, who, ultimately, was only looking for a public apology after the Clinton smear machine had gone to work on her ... Lewinsky was just a corroborating witness being called by the Jones team, leading to Clinton's perjury, obstruction of justice, tampering with witnesses, destroying evidence, etc., in that case), to Whitewater, "Filegate", "Travelgate", "Fostergate", etc. etc. etc. (including some that I hadn't heard of!), picking apart the dynamics of each case and the points of fact in each. These she compares to the legal precedent of Impeachment, from the long history in British law, through the early years of the USA, and even digging around in the Rodham/Nussbaum files (yes, Hillary was one of the crusaders in that fiasco) against Nixon. If anything, Nixon comes off as a choir boy in this, having been Impeached for simply discussing things that the Clintons blatantly perpetrated over and over again!

Needless to say, this is not Ann at her most amusing ... at one point, towards the end of Book One, she does slide into the "snarky mode" that we all know and love, but this is very much a book by a lawyer looking at the details of numerous cases and relating these specifically to the body of precedence on Impeachment, although the dozens of blatant Felonies the Clintons committed during their nightmare 8-year reign do get discussed as well, and it is hard getting though this book without wondering just how Bubba & Hiltery managed to avoid long prison sentences (let alone the current "let the nightmare return" campaign).

This is another book that I really wish would be on every school's Civics reading list ... the corruption in the Clinton White House, from the two-headed monster (or would that be three if you counted Monica's favorite?) on down the ranks of thugs, influence peddlers, and Chinese spies which populated that pit of perfidy is something that should be a warning to future generations. The office of the Presidency has never been so tainted, and, frankly, if it wasn't the Clintons (who had virtual carte blanche from the leftist press) they would have both been in prison planning their next scam rather than in the highest office in the land, wreaking havoc on the nation.

High Crimes and Misdemeanors is, thankfully, still in print (in a paperback edition), but the hardcover (which I have), can be had from the Amazon new/used guys for as little as a quarter (plus shipping, of course). Get it. Read it. Wonder how we got to such a depraved place in history that these scumbags are running for president again, rather than running around a prison exercise yard!

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money stuff ...

My job is still paying me less than 1/4th of what the salary survey says is the median for my job description in the business' zip code, which means that even though I'm totally busting my ass, we fall further behind every month. Once the "next tier" of financing comes it, this situation should improve, but we had been anticipating this in the door months ago, which makes things difficult. We've liquidated almost everything that we can to stretch things out, but it's getting scary.

I probably mentioned that The Wife started a new job a couple of months back (she's getting paid even less than I am), and that her health insurance kicked in the start of this month ... which is good as otherwise we would have been up shit creek on paying for our own (which was due the start of May). She's got a pretty good plan, as we got a refill on the blood pressure pills my new Doctor talked me into ... they had cost $60/month, with the new insurance we're just paying $25!

My Boss is off to NYC tomorrow for a HUGE pitch (we'd be doing a multiple-world project for a mega media company), if he comes back with something signed, that should boost my take-home too. I'm just so stressed from this whole situation. I love the work, but I'm getting paid so little for it ... at this point I'd be happy getting something south of the 25th percentile (which would still be 3-4x what I'm getting paid).

Not that I was swimming with other options before falling into this, but given that I'm out of the house 13 hours on a typical day, that doesn't even leave any time for realistically looking for something else. It seems like my only option at the moment is to cross all my fingers and toes an say lots of "positive thinking" mantras and hope that the company will make it over the financing hill before Bad Stuff happens and we end up losing our home.

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