May 23rd, 2008


BTRIPP supports DeathBoy ...

Yeah, I know ... I was carrying a lower percentage in the primary than Ron Paul ... but I still feel that I should throw my support (and we all know how persuasive my opinions are ... not) to some still-valid candidate ... so I'm suggesting that a vote for deathboy is a vote for the same sort of sociopathology that you would have gotten with me on the Advisory Council ... plus free music!

Just head over here ... ... and cast your vote. They have some freaky "top 3 choices" thing going, so after you've voted for deathboy you might consider cambler as a 2nd or 3rd choice, because we all like nekkid wimmins on LJ, and he's all about that! As far as a 3rd suggestion, I tried to find an honest-to-Brad "early adopter" and none of us seemed to have made the cut, so I just surfed through profile pages to find somebody that didn't seem like a total idiot.

Vote DeathBoy! He's anarchy you can trust!

heh ...

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Public Service Announcement ... is a scam ... be very wary of any contacts from them.

I recently had an e-mail come in, supposedly from an old friend with whom I've had occasional contact, "asking me" to connect on ... much like the letters I get from a half a dozen other "social networking" sites at the office.

When I went there to sign up, I was rather taken aback by the heavy-handed push for "premium" services ... they supposedly have a "free" level, but it appears that this only gets you listed in their database, and you have no access to other information (there are two "pay" levels). I contacted my friend and asked if he had "really" meant to lure me into this, and he responded that when signing up he'd checked some box that must have allowed to mine his address book, and everybody he's ever had any e-mail contact with got the same "please join" spam.

Now, if this stopped there, it would be just unpleasant, but the scumbags at don't leave well enough alone ... every week they send out an e-mail saying how many people (and their age range) had supposedly "searched for your name". However, when you click through on these e-mails to see who might be looking, you are met with the "upgrade" screen telling you that you can't get that information unless you're paying a monthly fee! Frankly, from the "teasers" they put in (they tell you the sex, the age, and the city), I doubt that any of the list is really looking for ME (there were no "oh, isn't that where so-and-so lives?" flashes) so I strongly suspect that this is simply a scam within a scam.

Needless to say, I went over there today and deleted my account ... I'd just thought I'd warn all and sundry to ignore any mail coming out from (by the way, it wouldn't be coming "from me" because I never give these sorts access to my data)!

This has been a Public Service Announcement ...

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