May 30th, 2008


Fried pickles ...

Well, I got talked into going out to lunch with most of the office today ... we were heading over to an Indian buffet, but got there too late ... ended up at a burger place that had FRIED PICKLES. Now, I've had this strange delicacy before, back in my P.R. days down in Mississippi when doing a press junket, so I figured I'd order some. They were O.K., but I suspect that it could well be another decade or so before I get the hankering for more.

More disturbing was that this place made chili cheese fries with Cincinnati-style chili. To those unfamiliar with this, it's very mild, with a hint of cinnamon in the spice ... hardly the sort of thing that one would ladle onto fries in combination with melted cheese. We assaulted it with hot sauce, but it still never quite got to that ideal "chili cheese fries" zone. I mean, Cincinnati chili has its place, but that is over spaghetti and under shredded cheese (and I'll take it 5-way with onions and beans) ... the fries need a more aggressive Texas chili. Another thing I'm not likely to re-order (there, at least).

We were supposed to have been moved into the new office today, but everything got pushed to next week, so we're half-assed packing and wondering what's going to be where, when. I'm looking forward to the move as I'll be 2 blocks to my El stop, and will no longer be chained to the suburban bus schedule ... so I'm hoping for moving sooner than later. Eschatos, though, is totally freaked, so you might want to go check in on him!

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