June 6th, 2008


Tomorrow's the day ...

Finally the City of Evanston has deigned to give Simuality its permission to move! We were "supposed" to have done so last week, but there were plumbing inspectors, and electrical inspectors, and fire inspectors, and for all I know leaf and darkness and rock and psychic inspectors (oh, wait, that would be in some Pokemon world) that needed to collect their bribes give their approval (I keep forgetting, it's not Chicago) before some uber-clerk would wave the magic permit wand and let us sally forth from Egypt head over to our new digs.

As I've previously noted, I am enthused about this move because it puts me 2 blocks from the Davis St. el station, which means that I will no longer have my comings and goings dictated by the unsubtle tyrrany of the suburban Pace #250 bus schedule!

If anybody's interested ... the wacky adventures of my Second Life avatar, Eschatos Graves, can be followed either on your very own Friends List here: eschatos_graves, or directly on my "work blog" at http://eschatosgraves.blogspot.com/. Hey, pretty pictures in every post!

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