August 22nd, 2008


Finally some of this is coming out ...

I gotta tell you, for most folks in Chicago, the idea that Barack Obama is actually running for President is mind-boggling ... and not in a good way.

This guy would have been a long-shot to have run for Governor (though might well be better than the mobbed-up monomaniac currently holding the office), but he isn't even in Jimmy Carter's range of competence ... and that's about as damning as it gets!

Hat tip to ernunnos for posting THIS VIDEO ... and to m_fallenangel for pointing out THIS ARTICLE in his comments to that post!

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Gulp ...

I need a lot of "wishing luck" right now.

I've tried not to talk about it, but I've been working for no salary for the past couple of months, as the company ran out of money pretty much the end of May. Needless to say, I was right on the edge personally as well, and we're hanging by a thread at home.

We have TWO very promising funding opportunities happening this weekend, for different parts of the company. One is a fairly large account, that our contact is pitching for us over the weekend in Vegas (the potential client is showing at the fashion convention out there). If that comes back with a contract, we should be OK. The other is a very rich family friend of one of the partners, who is considering "sponsoring" the upcoming activities of the other division. If this comes through, we'll be OK at least in the short run.

We have (through the same people ... it's a complicated situation) a few other proposals out there, but my boss told me that "we are right on the edge" and if neither of the this weekend's "very promising" things comes through, we're probably going to be shutting down by the end of the month.

This has been scary and frustrating ... we were supposed to have had the "first round" of funding in place last November, but it's been one thing after another (the economy certainly hasn't been helping), and we seem to be locked into a repeating cycle of "catch22" scenarios. We just need to have that "first domino" to fall (in the form of this account signing on) and that will trigger a cascade of other "good results" (we've been told by several investment groups that they'd be able to "sell us to their funds" once we have a couple of live clients on deck), but this seems to be the "last best hope".

So, if anybody wants to pray, light a green candle, exsanguinate a goat, wish upon a star, or whatever to get some good ju-ju going for us (me), I'd really appreciate it!

I really, really, really love this job and if stuff DOES turn around, I have all sorts of bright shiny happy things coming my way here ... but having this fall apart will probably mean all those "bad things" (that we were dealing with last Fall) are very close behind.

Let's win one for the Gipper, or something ...

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Wow ...

I just found out that my Brother is in China for the Olympics!

This news came via a postcard today ... and it's a pretty glaring testimony to how little we communicate since his grabby bitch of a wife and her mother descended like swarms of locust on my Mom's place my Mom died.

I guess this makes sense, as the last time I heard, he was working for New Balance shoes, and I'm sure all the athleticwear companies are over there in force.

I'm jealous, as China is on my "places I've yet to get to" list, and as the years go by (and our finances tank) it's looking less and less like I'm ever going to be able to do any of that travel.

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