September 20th, 2008


BILL AYERS penned Obama's book???

Needless to say, I hope this one's true ... Bill ("I wish we destroyed more" SDS terrorist) Ayers, who Obama has characterized as "just some guy from the neighborhood" that he really didn't know very well (despite serving together for three years on the board of the leftist Woods Fund of Chicago) looks now to have been the ghost writer for Obama's Dreams From My Father!

As others have said ... it's seeming more and more that Obama is some unspeakable spawn of the '68 Democratic Convention, the "perfect storm" combining 60's dope-brain radicalism with callous entrenched machine politics (and Obama did nothing around here but cover the back of the Stroger "black machine" in Cook County).

I hope this completely blows up in his face and everybody will know just how cozy he has always been (back to his card-carrying Communist mother!) with the Che-worshipping radical left!

Anyway ... details are HERE ... hat-tip to polaris93 for the heads-up!

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Cubs Clinch!

Wheeee ...

Nothing quite like clinching at home, and against the "ancient enemy" St. Louis Cardinals!

This makes 2 division wins in 2 years. The last time the Cubs won back-to-back like that was 1908 .... yes, that 1908! Could history be repeating itself?

Maybe "next year" is finally here ...

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