September 27th, 2008


Yesterday ...

Yesterday went real well ... starting off with the fact that the Museum of Science & Industry had a special promotion that we did not know about, with all weekdays this September being free! We had been planning on buying a family membership (because it's only a bit more than paying for the four of us to get in once), but put that off till our next visit. The Museum of Science & Industry is (I think) the most expensive of all the Chicago museums ... charging $23 for an adult and $14 for a kid ... so it was nice to be saving $74 at the start of the day!

That was more than enough to cover our dinner up at Standard India ... even though they seem to have substantially raised the price on the dinner buffet (The Wife took care of the check, but from what I peeked at it looked like it was now $15/person ... still a great deal). I've had friends who've lived in India eat there and judge it indistinguishable from a good restaurant in any of India's big cities (the owner, although being here for more than 20 years, still has restaurants back in India, so I guess that's not surprising). It's also one of the few (downtown, at least) places with a dinner buffet, which makes it an especially appealing choice.

After having pounded our feet on hard floors for five hours at the museum, none of us were in much of a walking mood, and it worked out great that the new location for ComedySportz is in the same half-block separating the restaurant from the Belmont el stop. I think this might have been the first time that The Girls have seen live comedy, and I'm pretty sure it's their first shot at Improv, but they both really enjoyed it. The show is entertaining, with the premise of it being a "competition" between two teams of three improv comics, with a referee, plus a sound/video tech, and a musician (the latter two offstage) in the mix. The "competition" angle is a bit contrived, as both teams at various points helped out in the other team's skits, and the "scoring" was somewhat arbitrary, but there was the element of each trio trying to nail their task (each team being "challenged" to a particular "game") better than the other guys.

We got out of there a bit before 10pm, dragged ourselves back up to the El (my knees are going to be happy when they get the elevators installed), and were home soon after. A nice way to spend Friday!

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