September 30th, 2008



Every election cycle it's like this ... a long-time LJ friend has kicked me to the curb for not drinking the Leftist koolaid. This one had been around for 7 years or more, so had survived my ire against Kerry. I guess my not being P.C. about Obama (i.e. "he's BLACK, so you can't say anything against him!") was enough to have them hit the "eject" button. Pity.

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by the way ...

Honestly, I have seen more White Sox baseball over the previous few days than I did their entire World Series run a couple of years back. Why? Because I wanted to watch them get eliminated. Imagine my surprise to come home tonight to find that they'd actually managed to make it through all three "must win" games (one against Cleveland to stay within a half game of the division lead, one make-up game against Detroit to reach a season tie, and then today's against the Twins in a 1-game tie-breaker) and have won their division. I will grudgingly admit that these two "special" games brought out the best in them ... I just hope they "left it all on the field" getting the post-season and the Rays will take them in 3 ... sure don't want my Cubbies facing them in the Series.

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