October 27th, 2008


Oh, and ...

Here's the video that is playing in a loop in the Avatrait room at the Rinascimento Virtuale exhibit of Second Life art at Florence's museum of Natural History ...

... we also made a copy to have running over at the Festival.

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Why not give 'em some of the old clicky-clicky? Heck, if you feelin' right charitable you could even hit that "add" button to follow ol' Eschatos' wacky adventures in Second Life! I know he'd appreciate it, as it gets lonely in that big drafty office all by himself, and he'd enjoy the visitors, no matter at what remove.

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This was a nice refresher ...

While this particular quiz is neither deep nor wide (although it does have the nice feature of being able to rank how "important" the various questions are to you, which always helps with predictive accuracy), it at least lets one reflect on how things stacked up before the current ugly choice. Hat-tip to loba (whose results were nearly the reverse of mine) for posting the link.

75% Mitt Romney
71% Ron Paul
71% Fred Thompson
70% John McCain
64% Mike Huckabee
63% Rudy Giuliani
55% Tom Tancredo
50% Bill Richardson
45% Chris Dodd
42% Hillary Clinton
40% Joe Biden
39% Barack Obama
39% John Edwards
39% Mike Gravel
36% Dennis Kucinich

2008 Presidential Candidate Matching Quiz

Given the brevity of the quiz, it certainly gives good results, with the top three being dead-on for my preferences, and the bottom four being the dregs that you'd expect!

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