October 28th, 2008


Just in case you were wondering ...

"Gee, Brendan ... what do you do when you're off in fabulous places like Florence?"

Well, like in all PR/Communications gigs, 90% of it is schlepping heavy containers of printed propaganda from point A to point B. However, sometimes it involves having to be brilliant under very tight time constraints.

An example of the latter is here:

We had been led to believe that my associate Greg here was going to be speaking on Tuesday, which is why we made a point of being in that early in the week. Well, it turns out that he wasn't actually scheduled to speak until Friday afternoon, sometime after we were scheduled to leave ... and, of course, we did not find out about this factoid until sometime on Wednesday afternoon. So, we got a script pulled together, found a good location (that's on a deck on top of the hotel with a sweet view of the Duomo) and, initially, were going to shoot late Wednesday night. We decided, however, that the end result would look better if we waited for the morning instead of having to "MacGyver-up" some lighting rig.

We did luck out that Greg's wife had brought her fancy-schmancy digital SLR which saved movie files in .avi format (as opposed to my camera's .mov files) which could be imported into Windows Movie Maker. As noted previously, we had no "real" connectivity at the hotel, and the laptop I brought from the office didn't have any conversion programs on it, so it would have been a hassle (or a 1-shot) to deal with the .mov files. Anyway, we got this done in only about 4 takes, I added open and closing titles, tightened it up in a few places, and voilà (or whatever the Italian version of that is), a pretty decent video!

I should have added on production credits for myself ... but didn't think that it would be getting seen beyond the context of the Festival!

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