November 2nd, 2008


Damn ...

I've gone about a week now without mail. This sucks.

On Saturday, the "tech guy" at work hooked me up with a computer to replace my dead one (something on the motherboard up and died), but I've not been able to get to the point of getting my e-mail. So, if you've commented to one of my comments somewhere else in L.J. than in my Journal, I've probably not seen it.

I was ready to go buy another "refurbished" E-Machine from Tiger Direct, but my Boss said I should take one of the systems from there. I have my HD in this as a slave, but it's still a pain in the ass. Some stuff I can just re-write the links for (pointing to E: instead of C:) an they work, other stuff I'm no doubt going to have to try to dig up the original disks and re-install. Pain in the ass.

I'm really pissed at not being able to get my mail. What I'd REALLY like is to just run my mail from the FireFox install on the E: drive, where I have all my mail archived from the past several years. Maybe I can get that to work ...

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