November 5th, 2008


Wow ...

Some people really do live in a different world, eh?

Now, I knew that P.Z. Myers was liberal, and very hostile to Conservatives, but I assumed that was just a side-effect of his being an "evangelical Atheist" who couldn't cognitively disconnect the Dominionists from the Goldwater fans. However, today in his blog he comes up with this whopper:

Obama is a conservative/centrist Democrat who will at best implement a small shift in American policies

I mean, WHERE on the scale does this guy's politics land? How far off into Stalinist Statism do you have to be to think that Barak fucking Obama is "conservative/centrist"!!!? My head is just about ready to explode trying to fit my perception frames around that!

I want to check this guy's DNA to make sure he's from the same planet!

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