December 4th, 2008


Meme time ...

Snagged from writerspleasure's blog ...

This is a meme that translates you to Dewey Decimal data!

BTRIPP's Dewey Decimal Section:

174 Occupational ethics

BTRIPP = 208966 = 208+966 = 1174

100 Philosophy & Psychology

Books on metaphysics, logic, ethics and philosophy.

What it says about you:
You're a careful thinker, but your life can be complicated and hard for others to understand at times. You try to explain things and strive to express yourself.

Find your Dewey Decimal Section at

What fun! I must now post this over on LibraryThing!

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Whoa ...

I just saw that Permanent Accounts just got their L.J. storage goosed from 5gb to 15gb today ... looks like that was money well spent (about 4-5 years ago)!

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