December 24th, 2008


Ho, ho, ho ...

So, there's the tree. We're good-to-go for Santa. I just need to figure out where the notes/gifties left for him are ... as I guess it falls to me to make a good show of cookie-and-milk consumption, and Daughter #1 was pissy that Santa didn't take the thing she'd left for him last year (huh?). The Wife pretty much blew the illusion tonight by starting on shovelling presents out at 9pm while The Girls were still awake watching TV in the back ... of course Daughter #2 came sneaking out mid tree-filling. I still don't know when the stocking stuff is going to happen. We had what has become our "tradition" for Xmas eve since my Mom died ... home-made pizza and cookie decoration. Things are (as always) teetering on the edge of Bad Craziness with The Wife getting hostile about random stuff, and blaming me for shit that I have had absolutely nothing to do with. Once again, Christmas means tip-toeing on eggshells to keep things from spiraling into some emotional armageddon.

I don't understand how anybody can like this holiday ... but I hope you have a happy one if that's a possibility at your house.

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