January 22nd, 2009


Damn ...

My computer froze up this morning, and I figured that if I left it sit all day it might sort itself out. WRONG! I got back in tonight and found it as frozen (in the previous state) as it had been when I left. Soooo, I tried rebooting it.


Well, not "nothing", I get the first two pages of the boot up sequence, one telling me that I have 512mb of RAM (that should read 1gb) and the second just reading what processor is in there ... nothing beyond that (heck, that page isn't even fully coming through). Which makes me think that I am "well and truly fucked".

Needless to say, with my spending 12 hour days at the office, I need to have a computer at home to pick up the slack (or just start sleeping at my desk in Evanston). However, since I haven't gotten paid since May, I don't exactly have cash on hand to get a new system.

Not that what I've had as a "new system" was new ... it's an old P4 that was hanging around the office that we swapped in the new power supply and hot video card that I'd gotten for my old system (which died before I could get them installed). I was just getting to the point of having the new machine "usable" (i.e. having programs and files where I needed them) and now this.

Sucks to be me.

Anyway, if I seem to be MIA for a bit, it's because I'm having to inconveniently borrow other people's computers.

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