February 6th, 2009


Whooda "Big Dummy"?

Ah, that would be me ...

Yesterday, I was working from home as I had some errands to run with The Girls (one home sick who needed to go see the doctor, and one who was going to be missing Dojo on Saturday due to her birthday party, and we were hoping she was going to get promoted if she got there this week), so opted to cut out the 2+ hours of commuting and just stay put.

This morning, I sallied forth into the blustery winds, took the train up to Evanston, got my "caffeine bomb" at 7-11, and was within a block of the office when I realized ... I HADN'T TAKEN MY FLASH DRIVE (with all my current files) OFF MY HOME COMPUTER ... DOH!

So, there I was, with my 24oz "Fusion Energy" coffee enhanced by two extra "Stōk" shots (and cream and sweetener and flavor syrup), a mere 100 yards or so from the office, and I turn around, walk back to the El stop, call the Boss to 'splain, and get back on the Express. Fortunately, the Boss said it was no problem my working from home, so I didn't have to spend 3+ hours on the train this morning. However, I sure feel like an idiot ... a well-caffeinated idiot, but an idiot all the same.

I hear Fred Sanford mocking me ...

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