February 27th, 2009


Russian spam ...

I don't know why this has suddenly started, but just over the past few weeks I've been getting a fairly steady flow of spam in Russian coming to my @livejournal.com address.

I mean, sure, it's logical that with L.J. being Russia-based now, and being such a big service for the Russians, that spammers would be wanting to use it to reach Russians, but it seems odd that it would just start up like this.

Also, sending me stuff in a language I don't know, and in an alphabet I don't read, pretty much means it's getting deleted real fast. I guess in the world of spam it doesn't matter that you're sending 80% of your crap out to folks who won't even be able to get suckered in by your pitch, as long as some percentage of the rest is fooled.

I suppose that I find this particularly irritating because it's having to be passed along by L.J. ... you would think they'd put some filters in between the spam heading into @livejournal.com and what they send to us!

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