May 12th, 2009


Possibly some good news ...

While Liminati, Inc. seethes and churns like a Terminator in a smelting bucket, either going through death-throes or simply setting things up for a sequel (we do have 3 substantial projects in development, even if we don't have offices or even a phone number), I have been pushing ahead, through necessity, in search of some sort of income stream.

I was very kindly pointed in the direction of an organization that was in fairly dire need of a "marketing guy", but had just let go of several staff members ... they want a "part-time"/freelance guy (preferably not sitting in a recently vacated desk in their offices) and I need about a ½-¾-time job (preferably that I can do from my home office) ... and I have an interview down there on Thursday. If they can afford me (I have to be getting at least a certain amount, after all), I can give them a substantial chunk of my time and still work on the Liminati projects. Working from home saves me a lot of commute time, and I was working 12-hour days as it was ... this way I could work six hours on each, and still be ahead of the game time-wise.

This group also works very closely with the Ad Agencies in town, which will put me (and my much-freshened skill sets) in contact with a lot of those sort of folks, who could well be looking for somebody with nearly 2 years of actual virtual world marketing experience!

I'm trying to "not count my chickens" here, but the "need match" is very good, so I have some fairly high hopes that this will be one of those "serendipitous" connections, and I won't be looking at another one of the 2-year job searches ... heck, I scored this interview within 2 weeks of starting to look, in my past searches I couldn't get an interview to save my life!

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