June 5th, 2009


How Weird ...

One of the disadvantages of having lived a substantial chunk of one's life pre-web is that a lot of data that one would hope to be able to access, just isn't "out there" the way that post-web ephemera is.

In a somewhat meta-mode function, I follow Biz Stone and the other inventors of Twitter on Twitter, and in his feed he mentioned having had dinner with a person who shared a (fairly obscure) name with a person that I used to be reasonably good friends with "back in the day". I, of course, clicked through on the @, only to find that it wasn't the same guy, but the full name popped into my head, so I set to Googling.

Now, one would think that a new-agey therapist who toured with some major Jazz acts and was involved in developing several festivals might have left a Google trail (I'm assuming that he's still extant), but there was only ONE hit on his name (searching first, last, in qoutes) which was in a Google book on resumes ("The Resume Catalog"), which had some graphic designer's resume where she lists having designed a brochure for the guy!

Frankly, that seems bizarre to me.

Admittedly, having a lot of my contacts from earlier in this life being "invisible on the internet" (I still have friends without e-mail!), is frustrating when trying to get back in contact, but I was surprised that a guy like this, who had a fairly high profile in the circles he operated in (I knew him through his GF who'd been on one of my Shamanic trips), was that "unrecorded" out in the digital world.

Thought I'd share (with my "pixel people") ...

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