June 15th, 2009


Da dum da dum ...

After being rainy and cool for days and days, Sunday was awesome so we packed up folding chairs, beach towels, lunch, etc. into a cart and walked on down to Grant Park for Blues Fest.

Of the several Chicago summer music events, this is the one that we're most likely to attend (I realized yesterday that we have pics of me & The Wife from a Blues Fest about 18 years ago when we were still dating!). One of the great things about this city is the ability to stage all these free festivals ... at least as long as the weather's good for Taste of Chicago (the Taste funds all the other fests).

The past couple of years we've ended up over by the Front Porch Stage ...

... which is in a little corner park, tucked in southwest of Jackson and Columbus. It's usually pretty easy to find a patch of ground to set up on there, and it's out of the main "traffic pattern" for the rest of the fest (unlike the Crossroads Stage, which is at the end of Jackson at the Drive, and you need to be strategic on your arrival to get a good seat).

Unfortunately, we set up "not in the shade" and I had to deal with the brutalities of direct DayStar exposure (despite having on black jeans, long-sleeved shirt, and a hat) ... I felt like an out-take from http://www.gothsinhotweather.com/ ... and had to retreat a couple of times to the shelter provided by the trees. I do not understand how people can stand to be in direct sunlight!

Anyway, we stayed for a couple of sets, and then The Girls were getting whiney, so we packed our stuff back into the cart and walked up to the playground at the top end of Millennium park for a bit, and then back home. It was about a 2-mile walk each way, so I was pretty beat by the time we got back.

Another cool thing (and I don't know if they'd been doing this all weekend or not) ... the Mississippi booth was giving out a free Blues CD with their travel info ... so I ended up with an unexpected addition to the music collection!

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Sometimes I hate it when I'm right.

I frequently postpone projects because I have a sense that they're going to be NIGHTMARES once I get into them. I mean, stuff that SHOULD BE trivial that's going to explode into hours and hours of trying to make it work.

And tonight I slogged into to one of them.

As I believe that I've mentioned, I recently put together a Ning site that will be pulling together all the various bits and pieces out there on the web, and tonight I went to add the various "poetry reading" audio files that I'd done some time back and assaulted y'all with in this space.

Well, those files live over on weblogimages.com and I went over to try to do something with them and all I could get is a screen with a Quicktime logo and a question mark! These are .wav files, so I should be able to play them in other things, but all I get is a damn Quicktime thing. I've probably spent two hours fucking around with this now, and am totally frustrated.

I can't seem to download the files, since that motherfucking Apple program wants to PLAY them, and once Quicktime has its clutches on 'em I can't do anything else with them either. I hate, hate, hate Apple and wish to hell so many things on the web didn't depend on Quicktime or I would scrub that piece of shit off my comptuer.

Anybody have any ideas of how to get around this?

I knew this was going to be a fucking nightmare!

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