June 20th, 2009


Soooooo ...

Over the past year, I've been doing a fair amount of developing on the Ning social-network platform, and it occurred to me that (despite not aspiring to be a social site), the "tab structure" of the Ning site would work for something that I sort of wanted to do for a while, which was to bring together all my far-flung web stuff into one zone.

I've been waiting to mention this until I got something of interest to somebody other than myself up there. And, as of this late hour of the night, I have VIDEO versions of some old poetry readings I did some years back. For being very simple, I think they came out fairly cool, and I hope folks will go check them out.

The direct link is: http://btripp.ning.com/page/poetry-readings ... which is a sub-tab under the "Poetry" tab. There are also "LiveJournal", "Twitter", "Eschatos", "LinkedIn", and "FaceBook" tabs, and a "LibraryThing" one is not far off.

Go check out my uber-depresso poetry ... going from the raw audio files to the completed YouTube videos I had to listen to these 3-4 times, so you can at least suffer through a few of them once!

Heh ... I can't believe I now have YouTube channel ...

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Maaaaaaan ...

Nobody came to look at the videos I was busting butt to get up on my new site? Bummer.

I don't suppose that a screen grab of the site in all its awesome greyness is going help either, is it?

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