July 6th, 2009


awwwwww ....

Gee ... that's too bad. I see that AOL has finally decided to pull the plug on CompuServe. Back in the day, after PLINK faded and before AOL emerged, I spent a LOT of time (and money) on CI$ ... I was particularly fond of one of their games "YGI! - You Guessed It!" which was sort of a "Family Feud" thing (see here) where you "matched wits" with other players and earned points ... I was enough of a regular player that I even had multiple YGI! visors ... one of which has amazingly survived to this very day:

Me be geek long time!

Of course, the downside of CompuServe (aside from the funky #####,#### "user names") was the $ in CI$ ... it cost like six bucks an hour at night (and YGI! had a $3/hr surcharge!) and like $12/hour during the day ... can you imagine anybody today spending $9/hr to play a text-based game?

(Sigh) ... this feels like having your old grade school torn down or something ... it's sad, but at a distance, but it's still "part of you" that's now gone away.

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