August 11th, 2009


confirmation ...

I always like it when memes fall into patterns of what I've already become "invested in" ... one of these is my Myers-Briggs type, which I've come to think of as INTP (Introversion, iNtuition, Thinking, Perception) ... I just took one of those (every so irritating, but occasionally tempting) quizzes over on FaceBook just now with a version of the MBTI and came up with INTP again, which made me think that, on some level, "all was well with the world".

I had a phone interview today for a job that I would really, really like to have, but I'm not sure it went so well. The guy talked to me for 40 minutes or so and was asking for me to send him writing samples (press releases, media clips, etc.) but I haven't been able to get a response from him in 3 e-mails (1 to ask if his company mailserver could handle an 11.5mb attachment, one to send the e-mail with the attachment, and one several hours later to ask if the file came through OK) ... I sincerely hope he's just busy and not blowing me off, as this gig is a near-perfect match for my skill sets, and is local and would pay well.

I was off for yet another networking event this evening ... not sure if I got any meaningful contacts from it, but you never know.

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Got a question ...

Helllllo, Internet ...

I have a little question about something that's been driving me nuts over the past few days, and I was hoping that somebody out there might know something about it, because I've not had any luck through "official channels" so far.

OK, so I use FireFox, and, generally speaking, I really like using FireFox, however, since the install of Version 3.5.2 FireFox has developed what is, for my surfing habits, a VERY BAD BEHAVIOR. What is this, you ask, well, when I open a new tab and the page that's being opened is taking some time to load (ads and stuff coming in), I can't do anything else in FireFox, I can't click on another tab, I can't scroll on the loading page, nada, I just have to wait for the page to load like I was using a mid-90's browser!

Now, I typically have a LOT of tabs open (at least 12, sometimes several times that), and it is SERIOUSLY "slowing me down" when I can't just click on a link, leave it to load, and get on with what I was doing in other tabs.

There was nothing over on specifically addressing this (although, there WAS a rather extensive thread of people bitching about the 3.5.x release having serious problems). Anybody have any suggestions aside from d/l'ing and installing a pre-3.5 version of FireFox?

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