August 29th, 2009


Another "house" project ...

So, even if we don't have to sell the place (and, needless to say, fixing this up would help with that), we've been planning on doing the floors in the other bathrooms (long-time readers may recall a similar project a few years back). The building's 35 years old now, and many of these "original installation" things are getting in need of replacement!

I figured that I'd share the process with y'all ... here's the "before" shot:

... with the carpeting pulled up and the general tile pattern taped out (and a box of the cut tiles awaiting placement).

Today's project (in which the 9-year-old Daughter #2 is assisting me) is tearing out the old tiles.

Updates to follow!

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More on the floor ...

So, that went fairly easily ... some water damage helped!

Here's the floor minus the tile with the first shot at patching/leveling and before using adhesive dissolver to get up the old glue ...

... next step is going to be doing caulking around the tub and toilet and water sealing ... plus another shot at the filler (the white area here) ... probably won't bother you with a pic of those ... then doing the adhesive remover, and a bit of sanding followed by a nice layer of leveling compound.

As noted in the previous picture, I pre-cut all the tiles, so once the surface is good-to-go this should be pretty fast.

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