August 31st, 2009


Getting closer ...

I did the "leveler" pour about 2am last night so neither the kids nor the cats (who were both closed in the back bedroom) could get to it while it was wet. It's still not 100% dry (as you can tell), but it worked out pretty well. I still need to sand down some of the "patch" stuff that went in earlier, but we're getting close to putting down tile!

I'm sure y'all are fascinated by this, huh?

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Netscape NOW?

You gotta wonder who's writing some of these websites ... I was just at the on-line job application page for a major medical association, and on the log-in there was this:

Uh ... Netscape (and, mind you, I used to be a "Netscape guy", so I'm not mocking) went into it's "terminal release" two years ago (Netscape Navigator 9, which was based on FireFox 2), and is no longer being supported!

Of course, being as "oldskool" as I am, I'm always heartened to see sites that make use of "JavaScript, Tables, Cookies and Frames" instead of CSS/PHP/AJAX/whatever, but it's funny to see MSIE and Netscape listed as the ones suggested ... maybe they're worried that one of these days W3C is going to actually pull the plug on all that "deprecated" HTML code and then folks will NEED a copy of Netscape!

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Exhausted ...

Aside from the obvious reasons, I really hope that somebody would HIRE ME because I'm getting so beat down by this job search. It's like a job that's not a paying job but is still a job that's hovering over your head 24/7 with no slack ... any breaks you take from non-stop job hunting, networking, resume cranking, etc. become The Time You Were Not Working Towards Employment.

I got up after about 4 hours of sleep, jumped into the various Twitter feeds of job postings, and cranked straight through for 8 hours before my brain got mushy (I had to re-send one cover letter because I'd neglected to attach my resume ... a sure sign it's time to stop). Then I had to decide if I was going to a Tech Tweet-Up tonight (to network with people who I don't know, but might know people who might be hiring) or to a Career Transitions thing (with the same old desperate crowd of job seekers) which was featuring an interesting-sounding speaker. I opted for the former, but researched the latter, and contacted him on LinkedIn.

Now I need to do a bit of work on the bathroom floor (I think the leveler coat is dry enough that I can sand down the irregularities left from the patching compound), take a shower, and head downtown to the Tweet-Up.

Then, when I get home, I have four projects that are hanging, waiting for my attention, including MORE job postings that have come in via e-mail (stuff like Monster, CareerBuilder,, 4Jobs, Climber, ExecuNet, and TweetMyJobs) which I can only get to about once a week.



Stress ... stress ... stress ... stress ...

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