September 8th, 2009


A glimmer of good news?

I had another phone interview this morning.

I think it went well (the person interviewing me would be one of two "bosses" there), and it lasted an hour.

It's for a marketing gig at a major publisher.

I hadn't wanted to write about it before hand so as not to "jinx" it.

Wish me luck ... light a green "money" candle for me or something!

{Gee ... have I been spending too much time on Twitter?}

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SL as graphic tool?

Because of a number of factors, I've not been in Second Life much of late, but today I was wanting to whip up an illustration of a stack of colored blocks, with proper perspective and varying orientation. Now, I assume that I could have made this happen in GIMP or Inkscape, but I'm really not that familiar with the functions of those, and this wasn't something that I wanted to throw a lot of time at. I looked through Google Images, but nothing really was what I was looking for, I was about to give up "roughing up" the graphic that I was wanting to get done when I thought "hey, I could just stack basic cube prims in SL, throw some color on them and take an in-world snapshot!" ... and so I did:

I had Eschatos go up on top of the newly-relocated WSI build and start rezzing blocks. I had some issues with the color, since I was keeping the plywood texture (which "yellowed up" any of the colors), but it was trivially easy to just keep rezzing a new block, throwing on a color, and rotate/move the block to get the right "casually stacked" look. I then stuck in a white background and base (to save me the trouble of having to "cut" this out of a background image) and took that snapshot.

I just wish I had animations of an avatar climbing a ladder (and a ladder for one to climb) as I ended up doing a free-hand "stickfigure" drawing of that for this graphic, but at least the stack of blocks looked right!

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Almost done ...

OK ... so the grout's down ...

All I need to do is to seal it and then scrub down the tub/tiles/walls/cabinets/etc. that got patch/leveler/adhesive/grout on it.

I'm confused on the sealing, though ... the grout says to wait 48 hours before doing anything with it, but the sealant says to wait TWO WEEKS. I'm thinking that 2 weeks is excessive, especially back in the closet area (the contents of the bottom area of which are stacked inconveniently out in the hallway), so will probably give it 72+ hours before sealing, and cleaning up.

Daughter #1 and I taped out (see pic #1 of this series) the back bathroom tonight, so we are likely going to be repeating this process (for The Wife's birthday I got enough tile, etc. to do both bathrooms) in the next few weeks. Hopefully I'll get hired before we're done and it will be a hassle to finish, but we'll be able to keep the condo.

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