September 13th, 2009


Hatin' on Facebook ...

I really wish that the old LiveJournal crowd wasn't running off to these other sites. I especially, specifically, and intensely hate Facebook ... here are three posts I just made over there (since their half-assed status box won't let you post more than a few lines) trying to find what I'm missing:
Am I the only person out there in Social Media land who finds the Facebook interface totally non-intuitive? I never can figure out how to DO anything with this other than type stuff in this box. One of my e-mail accounts has a list of people that seem to want to connect with me here, but I can't even figure out how to make that happen - and what's the difference between the "Friends List" and the "Status Updates"?

Damn this. I just ran out of space in the previous box. That's why I call this "the 'taint' of Social Networking sites", since it's not a blog like LiveJournal (etc.), it's not Twitter, it's just a bunch of crap on the screen with a couple of borrowed functions from other stuff!

Is there any way to get rid of "Suggestions", "Sponsored", "Highlights", etc.? I finally got "Facebook Purity" installed so I don't see all those obnoxious quizzes and games and bullshit, but I do NOT care who joined what, liked what, is a fan of what, etc. etc. etc., and want to have all that clutter off the damn screen!
I mean, seriously WHAT DO PEOPLE SEE IN THAT?

I have really been trying to "get" Facebook to have it as a tool in my on-line marketing quiver, but it makes no sense to me at all. Aside from the ability to re-connect with people that I've not seen in 20-30 years (which is its one clear "feature" of Facebook), there is nothing there that's not a lame sorta-kinda implementation of something that's done better somewhere else, or CRAP like the games/quizzes/whatever and other random BS cluttering up the interface which is so irritating to make the service unusable (to me).

Can somebody EXPLAIN Facebook to me in a way that will make me loathe it less?

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