September 23rd, 2009


Well ...

Yesterday I went to a NAACP "Diversity Job Fair". For obvious reasons, I don't have high hopes for anything coming out of these events, but I keep going "just in case".

Well, it looks like yesterday might have been one of those "cases", as I ran into a "financial services" group that seems to be in need of "somebody like me", although that was not what they were exhibiting there for.

Much like when I hooked up with Simuality, I was at an event where they weren't actively looking for me, but they recognized a need; and in this situation, it just so happened that the person running their booth was the person who needed the sort of support and skill sets that I bring to the table.

I'm hoping that this will turn into an actual "job" there ... but it's a situation where the person I spoke with will have to pitch the concept to the owners, and create a position. Fortunately, I'm told they're in a period of rapid growth, so "creating a position for me" would be less pie-in-the-sky than it would be at a lot of companies. If they can't get that through at the moment, however, the person I spoke with was interested in my working on a project basis on various things (web site, promotional literature, etc.) that they've been "meaning to address".

We're supposed to touch base on Friday. It would be very cool to have a real-live interview next week! Please cross your fingers, light green candles (I know, hard to do with one's fingers crossed), etc. for me.

This is certainly nice to have come through the day after the "kick in the teeth" on the other thing.

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More ...

I went to another MeetUp last night (I'm almost burned out on going to networking events at this point ... but gotta keep grinding until I'm in a solid job!). It was interesting, as it was a mash-up between two MeetUp groups, nominally about "One Web Day", and I'd told a couple of folks that I'd be there ... but I suspect the advertising one that was scheduled at the same time might have been more immediately productive.

I hung out after the end of the meeting, and while chatting with some folks, a guy wandered in. There was no indication that he was there for the MeetUp (this was at a coffee house), but he eventually injected himself into the conversation, and then referred to me by name (which, needless to say, sort of freaked me out).

It turns out that he was an old contact from my publishing days (well, actually an even older contact, as he was the younger brother of a kid that was like 4 years behind me in highschool), who had been pitching the concept of a machine that would automatically print and bind books from a database (or delivered file) almost 10 years ago ... I find it freaky that he suddenly appears in my timestream right after the introduction of the "Espresso" book-printing machine ( which I guess is a great-grandchild of what he was involved with "back in the day". He's not a part of the current project (although he might have a piece of one of the constituent patents), but it's so weird that right after I'd been talking about him (when discussing the Espresso at some event), he appears! Strange world.

Anyway ... I have about 20 possible job openings lined up in my tab bar, and I need to start cranking out the resumes ... I hate this "getting a job" job and want one with some variation and a paycheck!

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