October 12th, 2009


Bleh ...

It's amazing how much Tony Robbins is getting raked over the coals by the Lefties over on Twitter for that post and the follow up link he posted. Any hint of criticism of B.O. has them circling the wagons and looking for targets (he even asked ... in bad Twitter-speak ... "If you respond to me who support the Pres. how would U influence someone who is actually not for obama.?").

It must be scary for the hard-core Obama worshippers that both of those articles that he pointed to were in the New York Times ... and that other Liberal voices like SNL have now decided that it's OK to mock Obama ... it's getting harder and harder to paint anybody who DARES to say anything negative about B.O. with the "Bush/Limbaugh" brush, and once that MSM-applied veneer of "divine infallibility" wears away, all they'll have is an ultra-Left "party hack"/"street activist" who's able to read a teleprompter without sounding like he's shouting ransom demands into a bullhorn.

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The rules keep changing ...

OK ... so I've been doing "paleo-SocialMedia" for what, 10, 12 years now?

When LiveJournal came along (and I was one of the first 3,000 aboard) it was a big step up in communications from the previous options (chat rooms, etc.), and almost everybody used it to vent, complain, air "dirty laundry", wail, moan, and gnash teeth.

These days you see pieces about "how to be a successful blogger" and one of the first things they say is "don't vent". WTF?

Seriously, WTF?!

I have a big honking vent trying to get out (it's a bit like bad gas, just more existential), but I've been reading all this "industry stuff" over on Twitter and I'm feeling suddenly insecure. Of course, were I to take these "new experts"'s advice, I'd pretty much have to lock down all my nearly 4,000 posts from the past 9.5 years here, and that ain't gonna happen, but I'm feeling torn between being "authentically me" (the old school way) or being "filtered".


Plus, there's all that SEO crap ... I've had an on-going battle on LibraryThing about my reviews, which are all just links to my actual reviews over on btripp_books. There are a substantial number of folks who won't click on a link there "because they don't want to push up somebody's traffic" ... all this comes from those jackasses who constantly try to scam the system with fake links from fake articles to fake products and other rip-offs. Yes, I have links to Amazon in my reviews ... you know how much that has netted me in 5 years? Zero. Nada. If there have been sales from that, the affiliate payment hasn't topped $25 yet.

Anyway ... this is turning into venting and it's not even the venting that I was planning on doing ... I guess I'm generating "meta-venting"! Maybe I need to whip up a White Paper on this and set up a "squeeze page" to get people to buy it. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr ...

If you see a right proper "vent" later you'll know I got over the existential blogging angst.

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